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Electronic colposcope
Model NO.:2100I
1. Fashionable appearance, convenient design
2. Adopt the color digital CCD camera with high resolution and clarity.
3. Dismountable light source, which has got the patent.
4. Bulbs adopt supper cold LED light source whose diameter is only 2mm.
5. There are “freeze, filter, zoom in, zoom out, white balance” buttons on the top of the camera for the speedy automatic functions.
6. Professional green-filter techniques
7. Image freeze
8. White balance
9. Auto focus
10. Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests

11. Powerful image software and workstation system

Digital Electronic Colposcope 2100I

Image Sensor

color digital CCD Image Sensor




Green, Black/White

Imaging Mode


Image Freezing Control

Finger Control; Footswitch Control , Software control

Minimum Illumination


Signal-to-Noise (SNR)


Electronic shutter

1-1/10,000 Sec

Light Source

Multi-point surrounded high-brightness white cold light source


Compensation automatic

Focus Area




Zoom Optical Varifocal

Optical Varifocal :22 times

Digital Varifocal

Digital Varifocal: 10 times

Dynamic Timing Control

Real-time display of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests

1.  Capacities of collecting static images continuously; the number of images for dynamic browse could reach to as much as 99.
2.  Capacities of continuous cine loop and record of dynamic images in 6 different sampling-frequencies.
3.  Capacities of comparisons for 4 pictures in the same screen, which will be executed by multi-orientations, multi-angles and dynamic consultations
4.  Functions of copy, freeze, and others.
5.  Hundreds of cases pictures could be supplied for analyzing and referencing; new cases pictures could be added and 
compared with current pictures at any time.
6.  Abundant diagnosis information supplied, which is much useful for preventing the afflictions of inputting characters.
7.  Capacities of creating web reports and transmitting the reports and images via internet or local area network (LAN), 
  recurring to which the effects of resource sharing and long-distance consultation could be achieved.
8.  Multi-formats of colorful image info reports, database could be edited freely to create the user-templates
9.  Tens of image enhance functions to improve the checking rate of micro-focus
10.  Sole Filter function which will ensure doctors to see the veins clearly with less loss of light.
11.  Full-icon operation system, which is very easy to operate.

Operation System:
1.  Windows 2000
2.  Windows XP-SP2
3.  Windows VISTA

Standard Configuration:
1.  Image capture system
2.  Image control system
3.  Bracket
4.  Footswitch
5.  Two light sources
·6. Packing case

1. Machine: PC or Laptop
2.  Monitor: LCD or CRT
3.  Printer
4. Trolley: foldable

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